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Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Garland, Texas, JD from a young age was drawn to music.

His dad was a die-hard Ernest Tubb & Hank Thompson fan. Their music was always playing in the house or on the car radio. If it wasn't either one of those two it was Merle Haggard or Hank Williams or just about any country artist from that era you could name. JD's dad even played guitar some too till an accident with a skill saw kinda changed all that.  By high school though JD had learned to play a little guitar himself and he was pretty much hooked on it by then. Fast forward several years JD started playing solo gigs in bars and restaurants and then the opportunity arose to put a band together. So that’s what he did. He played the local bar scene either with his band or acoustic for about 10 years or so. He took a short break for about 3 years and focused on working a steady job but the itch to get out and perform never really died.

JD loves to play and entertain a crowd and he'd love to play for you. If you’d like to hire a musician you can count on getting the job done, 

J.D. COBB is available and ready to assist you in all your musical needs.
Get in touch and schedule a meeting to start working together.

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